P'Tracks for Posi-Track Skid Loaders

P'Tracks are produced with internal high tensile strength fiber fabrics to keep the rubber track from over stretching and to keep the original lug pitch. If a track is over stretched or the lug pitch changes, the internal rubber lugs are more likely to be torn off.

P'Tracks are produced with a premium blend of natural and synthetic rubber developed for extended wear life and increased traction. Tracks produced with a higher percentage of synthetic rubber will cost less but tests show that they are more likely to fail prematurely.

P'Tracks are produced using our state of the art molding processes and are fully cured in the molds to keep their correct pitch. Tracks not fully cured in the molds cost less to produce, but they are more likely to be of inconsistent quality , can lose the correct pitch and result in the tearing out of the internal rubber lugs.

We manufacture P'Tracks for:

We Manufacture the following P'Track Sizes

Size: P380x101.6x42

Fits: CAT 247B/257B
ASV RC/PT 50/60
Size: P280x101.6x37

Fits: ASV RC30
Size: P457x101.6x51

Fits: CAT 267B/277B/287B
ASV RC85/RC100/2800/4810
Size: P457x101.6x51-3

Fits: CAT 287C/297C

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